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About the project

“a11y” is a common abbreviation for “accessibility”. The “11” represents the number of letters between the “a” and “y” in the word “accessibility”. was designed and developed by Amílcar Carlos Paco (IT Manager and Data Engineer at FAMOD), and Data4Change.

FAMOD is an umbrella organisation for civil society organisations working to support people with disabilities in Mozambique. FAMOD is also among 13 civil society organisations who were successful in applying for the African Digital Rights Fund run by CIPESA (Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa).

The African Digital Rights Fund included the opportunity to receive data skills training and work on data-driven projects with Data4Change and its alumni network.

Data4Change is a UK-based non-profit, who create data-driven projects aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing social and political challenges.

Illustration of a young Mozambican with a laptop computer


Here is the team behind We worked on this project together from five different countries, entirely remotely!

A photo of Amilcar Carlos Paco

Amílcar Carlos Paco

IT Manager and Data Engineer at FAMOD, Mozambique

A photo of Joachim Mangilima

Joachim Mangilima

Data analyst, Tanzania

A photo of Reem El Sayed Samy

Reem El Sayed Samy

Designer, Egypt

A photo of Elric Wamugu

Elric Wamugu

Developer, Rwanda

A photo of Loren Riesenfeld

Loren Riesenfeld

Development support, United States